Brocato Saturate Hydrate Shampoo 1 Litre


What is Saturate Intensive Moisture Shampoo?
An intensive moisture shampoo that saturates dry, damaged hair with an extra-ordinary surge of moisture. Visibly improves hair’s elasticity and vitality while giving hair natural moisture balance for an incredibly shine, silky feel.

When is Saturate Intensive Moisture Shampoo used?
You can use Saturate Shampoo when your hair is feeling dry or has been damaged by natural elements.

What makes Saturate Intensive Moisture Shampoo unique?
Saturate Intensive Moisture Shampoo features nourishing ingredients that gently cleanse dry, damaged hair, while restoring it to good health.
Key ingredients include:


Assists in improving wet combability without weighing the hair down.

Vitamin B5 (Panthenol)

Contains essential amino acids which provide conditioning properties.

Vitamin C

Protects hair from free radicals.

How is it used:
Apply to wet hair and lather, rinse and repeat if needed.

The Blendable Options:
• For additional conditioning —

7 parts Saturate Intensive Moisture Shampoo + 1 part Constructor Deep Repair Treatment


Extra moisture is the key to bounce, softness and controlling dry or damaged hair … leaving it naturally shiny and silky.


Saturate hair with an extraordinary surge of moisture for bounce and softness. This regimen will control dry or damaged hair and leave it naturally shiny and silky. It visibly improves hair’s elasticity and vitality while increasing its natural moisture balance for a beautiful, healthy look.